Logo, Branding + Creative Marketing Pricing Guide 2018

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Logo Update | $250-$350

You have an existing logo that has outdated fonts + the overall look requires a little "face-lift!" You need a more streamlined look that represents your current brand well.


Logo design | $400-$800

You don't have a logo design. You need inspiration, concepts + the perfect brand to set your business up for success! 


brand identity | $1200-$2400

This service is perfect if you need more than just a logo. Packages may include business cards, letterheads, watermarks, social media creatives, various print collateral + more!


graphic design | $95/hour or $350/page

Depending on the intricacy of the design, or any custom graphics & illustrations, this pricing may vary.


social media marketing | $800-$2400/MONTH

Depending on your individual needs and time required to curate content, implement a social media strategy and monitor your platforms, this pricing may vary.


BLOGGING | $250/PIECE or $450/three

Includes research, custom content curation, editing and publishing to your website with the best SEO practices in place!