4 Best Ways To Use Selfies For Marketing On #NationalSelfieDay

Happy #NationalSelfieDay... now put down that selfie stick, and let's get to work!


Part of our job here at The Social Edge is knowing when those crazy hashtag holidays are going to trend and plan great ways for our clients to take advantage and ride the wave. Well, today is one of those days!

Whether you love em' or hate em', selfies can be a powerful marketing tool for your small business. These are our favorite ways to attract, engage and sell using #NationalSelfieDay. (Though these are guaranteed to work all year round, as well!)


Hosting a selfie contest is an easy and exciting way to get your followers advocating for your brand. Ask them to post a selfie with one of your products or at your location for a chance to win a great prize, a discount or take advantage of a daily sale or special. 

We love this great campaign by fashion empire, Kenneth Cole. The design is clean and attractive, the call-to-action is powerful and this bad boy snagged Kenneth Cole thousands of new Instagram followers... but only cost the company a few pairs of shoes. Genius!

 Photo courtesy of Kenneth Cole

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Cole



Keeping a selfie frame on-hand for busy days or big events may be one of the most inexpensive, yet productive social media marketing tools you ever invest in. You can customize & purchase them online almost anywhere - from Amazon to Etsy - and everyone loves to snap pics with these giant Instagram cut-outs! The best part: You don't even need to lift a finger! Just keep this prop handy and your customers will do the rest. Get ready for an influx of new Instagram followers.

 Photo Courtesy of Where The Trade Buys

Photo Courtesy of Where The Trade Buys


To attract new online followers and to bring awareness to a cause that is near and dear to your heart, try creating a selfies for a cause campaign. Simply create a unique branded hashtag and begin to use your current following to spread the word. Try using Facebook LIVE or your blog to get personal with your followers and ask them to join you in your mission. You can ask them to post their selfies of support using the hashtag OR you can event setup photo booths at your location or at an upcoming event.

A great example of this are the photo booths that our client, Pink Warrior Angels, recently setup at their annual Breast In Show Gala. Everyone had a great time posing for the camera and then taking their branded picture to social media to share with friends... all the while driving the traffic back to the amazing non-profit organization.



There is nothing a customer - or potential customer - loves more than to feel appreciated. Use your social media to feature a customer per day or week. Not only will you be building a strong rapport with the featured individual, but when you tag them or they share your post, you immediately begin reaching their friends and family with your brand and message.

The Dude With A Camera is using this method like a BOSS. His Instagram feed consists of nothing but STUNNING black & white portraits of random people he meets on the street. With every image he takes, he reaches a new, larger group of potential clients for his photography business. The best part: He's making some kick ass friends along the way.

 Photo Courtesy of Lucas Ryan Chambers

Photo Courtesy of Lucas Ryan Chambers

Do you have a suggestion when it comes to using selfies in the world of small biz? If so, be sure to comment below or shoot us a message by clicking HERE. We can't wait to hear from you!

Happy #NationalSelfieDay... and don't forget to say CHEEEEEEEESE!

- Kellie