Why Your Small Business Needs Twitter


Ok, guys! #LetsBeHonest: Do you really hate Twitter, or are you just confused? Don't be embarrassed! You're not alone. #WePromise. So if you're a small business owner out there and you have asked yourself - “Do I really need to be on Twitter?” or “What the heck is a hashtag?” - then, this is the blog for you!

Twitter has developed a reputation for being the social media platform of the stars. And what does Anna Kendrick's new song in Pitch Perfect 2 or Taylor Swift's 'selfies' from The Billboard Music Awards have to do with your HVAC company or hair salon? Right? Well the truth is, Twitter has evolved and become a great way for brands to connect with their target audience and build a larger following. You want specifics, huh? No problem!


  • Connect with your customers. Yeah. We know. We already mentioned this one, but that's because it's the most important. With millions of users on Twitter every day, tweeting allows you to reach more clients, faster than any other form of communication.

  • Customers love to give feedback on Twitter. Use it to better your service or product.

  • Marketing on Twitter is FREE and will reach the masses with little effort.

  • You can use Twitter to share your company's exciting news and announcements.

  • Twitter is viral. Enough said.

  • Twitter search allows you to research what other companies in your industry are doing. (We're not keen on the word “spy” but if you prefer...)

  • Companies on Twitter have been known to increase their sales in just a matter of weeks.

  • An active Twitter account, linked to your company website, will boost your SEO.

Have we talked you into it?


Be sure to contact us at #TheEdge when it's time to celebrate your first #tweet! We'll be sure to #retweet and follow you! We can even help you get started, if you want! But no matter how you get up and running on this awesome #SocialMedia platform, be sure to check back here for: