Essential Oils All Boss Babes Need In Their Top Desk Drawer


As a "boss babe" myself, I work + play with a lot of other fantastic female entrepreneurs. Whether we are chatting one-on-one or visiting as a larger group, there is one topic that is always bound to come up and that's WELLNESS.

Being a small biz owner takes a toll on your mind, body and spirit. Don't get me wrong: We certainly have our good days just like everyone else. But because we all tend to be Type-A personalities, the passion that we drive into our businesses on a daily basis is the same passion that makes us hit rock bottom HARD when we're having a bad day. 


It could be a surprise migraine, sick kids, computer crash, family drama or leaky dishwasher, but at some point or another your wellness will be tested. Mine is tested more often than not, which is why I went out in search of answers. What I found was essential oils.

Now, I want to make myself very clear: I DO NOT sell essential oils. This blog is not going to promote a specific brand of essential oils (though, I do have opinions...). And there are no links here for you to buy anything for me to take a cut from (that's called "affiliate marketing" just in case you're wondering... but that's another blog for another time). All of this being said, these are my TOP 10 favorite essential oils and when, why and how I use them! 

Being a small biz owner takes a toll on your mind, body and spirit... the passion that we drive into our businesses on a daily basis is the same passion that makes us hit rock bottom HARD when we’re having a bad day.



I don't know about yinz (excuse my Pittsburghese), but I may as well be a walking, talking (and complaining) billboard for Excedrin. I spend up to 18 hours a day staring at screens and that kind of computer work definitely takes a toll on your eyes


Gently massage the oil into your temples and the back of your neck. When I'm really hurting, I'll even massage it through my hair and onto my scalp. A dark & quiet room is the optimal space for this one!



Do I really need to type out a full paragraph about this one? No. Great. Because at the end of the day, we all know why we're feeling anxious and stressed. We're freakin' business owners, right!? So, let's just get on with the show!


There are a lot of great oils out there for anxiety + stress, but I've found the most success with frankincense. I apply it to my wrists and temples for immediate relief, but when I'm having a bad day I use my desktop infuser. (You can find those bad boys everywhere. Hello, Amazon Prime!) Just a few drops and all the feel-goods are released into the air around you. I also have this really cool essential oil necklace. You place a few drops onto a cotton pad and it fits right inside the "locket" so that you can have it around your neck all day long. I specifically recommend wearing it when you'll be meeting with a difficult client/customer. Just sayin.


Aches, pains and sore muscles come in all different forms. You may be stiff from sitting at a desk for too long, you may be suffering through the workday after a killer workout or your body may just simply be exhausted. Whatever they cause for your pain, there is a natural remedy to help you make it to happy hour!



When using a strong oil, such as Clary Sage, you have to be very, very careful. Trust me. I know. The first time I used Clary Sage I put 20 drops straight into my bathwater and gave myself a mini chemical burn on my legs. (Yeah. This stuff can be scary if not used properly!) The good news is: This stuff works miracles on cramps, muscle aches and stiff joints. To use, be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil. Many people prefer coconut oil, but I really like jojoba oil (it's great for your skin). Create your rub by mixing 4-6 drops of Clary Sage to every tablespoon of the carrier oil. Then you can use the mixture to massage the painful areas. Just be sure to avoid your eyes (made that mistake, too!)



Being a business owner and finding time to have an actual life... it's almost enough to make you LOL! The truth is: We're amazing. We make it all happen and we do it right. But when it's all said and done... we find that our battery packs are a bit low and we find ourselves having strange daydreams about murdering the Energizer Bunny. (Remember that guy?) So before you pass out at your desk - or worse - on one of your waiting room sofas, let's find a solution!


Can you smell it? Smells like... ENERGY! The first time I tried orange essential oil, it was in the form of a hand soap in the bathroom at my cycle studio. I don't wanna brag or anything, but that trip to the restroom kept me ahead of the pack for a majority of the class. The scent coming up out of the suds, alone, was complete invigorating! So how do I use it as a little pick-me-up now? I typically diffuse it, but I also put a few drops in the shower when I'm having trouble getting moving in the morning. Adding a few drops to your body lotion is a great idea, too! Just be careful! Like Clary Sage, this is a strong one!



If you don't suffer from seasonal allergies... well... screw you. But if you're like me, then you know how difficult it is to get through the word day during allergy season. Headache. Sinus pressure. Runny nose. Sore throat. Sometimes it can be too much to bare. Luckily, I have a secret that's about to change your whole life.


I was trying to keep this list simple, because the blends and recipes you can create with essential oils is enough to make any beginner run for the hills. But when it comes to this allergy remedy, I just had to share! Any of these 3 oils - lavender, peppermint or lemon - work wonders for relieving allergy symptoms, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Mix with a carrier oil and rub small amounts on your temples, behind your neck and on your sinuses OR diffuse in a diffuser or the shower to relieve pressure and clear out those sinuses. You'll thank me later.



Ok. Seriously, don't laugh. But I am the QUEEN of paper cuts. If paper cuts were a country, I would reign there forever and ever. (I've also stapled my index finger a few times... but let's not tell anyone about that, eh?) So when you slice and dice your hand or finger, what oil should you reach for?


I use tea tree oil to disinfect all of my family's cuts, scrapes and gashes. It slows bleeding, protects from infection and speeds up the healing process with minimal scarring. Great stuff, right? Just mix a few drops with a carrier oil, clean the site and bandage it up! 



Let's face it. There are just those days when we reread the same line over and over and over again and everyone around us has to yell our name 2-3x before we notice them. It's called being human, guys. But there is an oil that I found can turn me into a superhuman that gives me focus and concentration powers!


Shakespeare used to say that Rosemary improved his memory, and he was right! There is great research floating around out there that proves sniffing this essential oil helps your remember more stuff! How cool is that!? For me: I use it when I'm having trouble focusing on a boring project or my attention span took the day off. There's no specific instructions for this one. I just unscrew the lid, take a few sniffs and VOILA! Super Marketing Maven... at your service.



When your at work, especially when that work is outside of the home, there is nothing worse than belly issues. We're not going to get into TOO much detail here - mainly because belly issues are nasty - but we will talk about what you can do to alleviate the symptoms.


No. We're I'm not talking about the pink stuff you slab onto your sushi. This essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and provides healthy digestive support. On a side note, I have experienced it making some of my worst stomach aches disappear in just a few short minutes of ingestion! I put 2 drops on a spoonful of honey and gobble it up. Works like a charm!



Ok. Truth time: This one kind of cracks me up. I was trying to find a way to sneak in that you can actually CLEAN with essential oils... and this was the best I could do. Sorry. 


Lemon essential oil rocks for cleaning! Just add a 15-20 drops to a squirt bottle full of cool water and spray. It disinfects your workspace AND it smells great! Mr. Clean would be proud of us!



Entrepreneurs, especially the creative ones, never truly sleep. Our wheels are always spinning and there are many nights when we sit up thinking our sleepy time away. We're making to-do lists in our head, worrying about what didn't get done today, stressing out over work, family, friends and pets. The nights can truly seem endless to a biz owner suffering from insomnia. But never fear! Help is near!


Put a few drops of this bad boy into a diffuser and your nighttime woes will be gone forever. Well, that was my experience anyways. Before I started using lavender I was a night owl - but not by choice. I also had nightmares about work almost every single night. The diffusing method gave me my peaceful slumber back!


We all have phone days. You know what I'm talking about. The days when the phone just rings and rings and rings and there is a receiver, bluetooth or headset connected to your ear at all times. Sometimes these days cause an ear ache, sometimes a preexisting ear ache makes these days unbearable. 



This oil can burn your skin if not diluted, so I mix mine with olive oil. I then use a cotton ball to apply the oil to the outside ear and behind my ear. (DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT put this oil on your inner ear or on the ear canal.) The antioxidants of this oil will fight off whatever infection or blockage is in your ear and relieve the pain to help you finish up the day like a boss!


Hello, disclaimer!

For those of you who don't know me, I am NOT a doctor. The above advice should only be used after consulting with you physician to ensure you are not allergic to or have any type of intolerance to any essential oils. Additionally, when you do use essential oils please be sure to do a skin test before slabbing it onto your skin in large quantities or dumping it into your bathwater. Be safe, friends! 

Facebook Announces New Brand Collabs Manager

Becoming a "creator" on this new Facebook platforms means reaching your target audience through influencers vs. ads. 

 Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Influencer Marketing is on the rise, and Facebook is about to make it easier for YOU and YOUR BRAND to collaborate with those who have large followings in your industry to help you generate leads! This could mean the end of marketing blindly to a large group of consumers and, instead, reach only meaningful new customers through the influencers they follow, know and trust. 

So, how will it work?

You will now have the opportunity to join the Brand Collabs Manager. This is, essentially, a search engine that you can use to browse celebs, Facebook stars or influencers by audience (location, interests, education, gender, relationship status, etc.) and pay them to sponsor your content.

But these influencers aren’t going to promote just any content. You’ll need to boost your chance at sponsorships by creating and maintaining a portfolio of your Facebook page that will be used as a pitch and provide the potential sponsor with insightful knowledge about your brand, products and/or services.

Like Facebook ads, we predict that your access to these influencers will become a bidding war; taking your max budget and requested keywords into account... but only time will tell.

For now, we do know that brands using Facebook as a marketing tool will have the ability to become “creators” and sponsor their content via influencers rather than ads on the timeline. We expect this to work well for certain brands/industries, and not so well for others.

What do you think about Facebook’s latest update?