Let's Get Through This Branding Thing Together!

#DidYouKnow that here at #TheEdge we are obsessed with visuals! We love inspiring clients through the perfect combination of colors, textures, fonts and photography! Your brand deserves so much more than random internet memes! Our mission is to learn + understand your story, research your product + brand... and make it come to life on the screen + in print!

So... how do we do this?

Each + every branding/design client at The Social Edge receives a Visual Edge Board! This allows us to share our inspiration with you, for your brand, keep it all organized and streamline your design into one single ethos that you clients can relate to!

Check out this Visual Edge Board we recently designed for New York Times + USA Today Bestselling Author, Toni Aleo! Toni is about to publish her 18th book, and we love helping her choose the perfect design elements for marketing her individual novels! Rushing The Goal will be released on March 28th + her readers are LOVING getting to know her characters through design!

Interested in chatting with us about your story? Let's get through this branding thing together!